One-Stop-Service for more reliability

Plastiques Moore is a One-Stop-Service for all your needs in the Injection Molding Industry. From a simple idea, our team will handle your product development until its last delivery.

1. You explain to us your project 2. Need a design ?? 3. etc.
  • You explain to us your project
  • Need a design ??
  • Study of the quotation
  • You choose Plastiques Moore
  • You receive the project calendar
  • You visit Plastiques Moore
  • You approve the parts
  • Reception of the first shipment
  • We open your quotation
  • Conception or review of your design by our industrial designer
  • Presentation of the quotation at your office
  • Departure of your project
  • Tooling review and development of your mold
  • Tooling test in your company
  • Parts sent for approval
  • Production of your product

Plastic Part Design

Plastic product development

From a simple idea, our team will carry the product to meet your requirements. Our industrial designer, also a mechanical engineer, assisted by our R&D team, will produce the concept of your product that meets your esthetic, mechanical and functional requirements while considering the limits and opportunities of the manufacturing process. This will be done by ensuring your product as efficiently and economically feasible. Our team will ensure that your product has been optimized in every details, decreased weight, choice of appropriate resin, maximizing the packaging, reducing the number of parts assembled, simplifying tooling; all elements which must be evaluated upon the design phase of the product.

No need for additional intermediate in your product development process. Take advantage of a designer who will work exclusively on your project so you can minimize your development time and make savings on costs.

With our PDP ( Product Development Processus ), established by our engineering team and certified by the ( Project Management Institue ), you can be sure that your project will followw all the steps of the development phase. With this tool, your project will go throught while respecting the promised dates.

Injection Tooling

Plastic injection tooling

The tooling fabrication is a specialty that influences directly the quality and the esthetic of your products. Our engineering team will take charge of the mold development and all related toolings. We carefully select sub-contractors who work with us every step of the way to enhance the production process and to maximize your investment. No need to work with an intermediary for your tooling development, the turnkey solution of Plastiques Moore makes you:

  • Optimise your design at the conception
  • Perform the tooling development with the bests of the industry
  • Obtain a superior product at the production
  • Complete the assembling in place for a shipment directly to your customers

Throughout the life of your mold, Plastiques Moore is responsible of the storage, while ensuring the maintenance and repair of your mold. By entrusting your project with Plastiques Moore’s team, you give yourself a peace of mind thoughout the life of your mold and your product.

Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding

Certified ISO 9001, Plastiques Moore is an innovative leader in injection molding and assembly of quality plastic products in North America. For over 20 years, Plastiques Moore is specialized in the injection of engineering resin. We are constantly looking for solutions to offer you the best product for your needs. The distinctive competence of the enterprise system is based on its proven quality, lots traceability and an unbeatable value for money.

Also certified ISO 13485 for the medical device industry, Plastics Moore offers the production and assembly in its class 8 clean room; 100 000 particles per m³.. With this installation, we can certify a quality product that meets the highest requirements.

Overmolding, IMD and steel replacement

Overmolding plastic product

Whether for the molding of a part or the replacement of metal by plastic; you make sure to increase your competitiveness by dealing with Plastics Moore.

With the process of overmolding a piece, you increase your productivity. The process of overmolding can be explained as molding a plastic part over another piece directly inside the mold.

Here are some advantages:

  • Reducing the assembly time / Number of secondary operations
  • Decreasing the number of components in inventory at your plant
  • Improving the visual appearance and the aesthetic s of the product
  • Upgrading the mechanical criteria of the component

Whether for overmolding some plastic over a steel part, gortex or just overmolding plastic over another plastic part, the experience of Plastiques Moore’s team acquired in the past years will give a competitive advantage for your product on the market.

In Mold Decorating (IMD)

The in mold decoration  is a process of injection molding of a thermoplastic film or applied decoration which binds the molten thermoplastic material. Once this component is ejected from the mold, it is impossible to escape its decoration, the material cooled and the film forming one. This method of decoration is commonly called “IMD” (in-mold decoration).

Users of your products will be able to take full advantage of the many benefits of this process:

  • Simple adding and hassle free options backlight behind a text or a logo
  • Create an aesthetic depth by positioning the label in the second surface of a clear piece
  • Possibility to eliminate the tactile sensation of a conventional label
  • Delete the paint and masking process in secondary operation
  • Reduce the cost per injection with regrind or non aesthetic resins, while the film provides a decorative aesthetic on surface visible to the user
  • Add different textures and degraded colors to the same piece, with almost the same quality as a photography

By partnering with Plastiques Moore for your IMD projects, you can count on a technical staff reliable, accurate and experienced.

Steel replacement

You are looking for cost reductions ? Replace your steel part with a plastic component that do not require touch-ups! Whether you want to reduce the number of components or to increase the aesthetic appearance of your product, Plastics Moore can get you a cost savings of 30% to 50% by opting for the steel replacement. You are fed up of the constant changes in metal prices? Tell us about your project, it pays!

Assembly of plastic parts

Assembly of plastic parts

With our assembling division, Plastiques Moore offers a complete turnkey service whatever your needs:

  • Integration of electronic or metallic components
  • Assembly of plastic parts by ultrasonic welding
  • Automated or manual assembly in a tailored packaging
  • Assembly in a controlled environment
  • Sterilized packaging
  • Flexibility in delivery your finished product to your customers through our assembly department

You want to reduce your transportation costs while eliminating subcontractors and simplifying billing? Moore Plastics is the solution for a turnkey service.

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